Genuine OEM Kohler KNOB part# 52 341 01-S


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KOH~52 341 01-S
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Compatibility Information:

M18-24678, M18-24677, M18-24680, M18-24660, M18-24653, M18-24652, M18-24632, M18-24638, M18-24641, M18-24621, M18-24624, M18-24611, M18-24605, M18-24601, M18-24570, M18-24582, M18-24583, M18-24581, M18-24505, M18-24504, M18-24501, M20-49625, M18-24692, M18-24701, M18-24543, M20-49559, M20-49606, M20-49614, M20-49590, M18-24560, M18-24562, M18-24612, M18-24671, M18-24659, M18-24684, M18-24688, M18-24687, M18-24645, M18-24640, M18-24579, M18-24606, M18-24623, M18-24628, M18-24654, M18-24663, M18-24664, M18-24672, M18-24679, M20-49613, M20-49612, M20-49639, M20-49594, M20-49528, M20-49504, M20-49501, M20-49534, M20-49567, M20-49575, M20-49538, M20-49542, M20-49551, M20-49553, M20-49598, M20-49554, M20-49560, M20-49574, M20-49580, M20-49579, M20-49630, M20-49616, M20-49581, M20-49582, M20-49591, M20-49604, M20-49615, M20-49592, M20-49620