Genuine Oregon Mower Blade, 18"""" rpls Scag A48108 91-637


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  • Center hole: 5/8"
  • Requires 3 blades for 54" cut and 2 blades for 36" cut
  • Enhanced mulching for bagging and discharge efficiency
  • Stays sharp and durable for longer
  • Replacement for major brand: Landpride


Blade Width Measure near the center of the blade.2.50"
Blade Thickness Measure near the center of the blade.0.203"
Blade Length Measured diagonally from the corners of the blade18"
Center Hole Size Many blades will have a round hole in the center of the blade and you will need to know its diameter. Blade Length 5 or 7 Point Star Center holes may be 5 or 7 point star shaped. 5 point star on blade7 point star on blade Square or Rectangular The MTD built blades on many walk behind lawn mowers have a 'bow-tie' hole. In this case the Oregon replacement blade will have a rectangular center hole which will fit on the bow-tie pattern on the blade adapter. Square or Rectangular hole on blade MTD Blades The MTD® built blades (Bolens, Cub Cadet, Troy-bilt, White, Yard Machine, and Yardman) may have a 6 point star. Oregon replacement blades will have a 'Y' shaped center hole which will fit exactly on the 6 point star on the blade spindle. 6 point star for MTD blades The two sizes of the 6 point star. If your blade spindle has a bolt and lock washer that holds the blade to the machine you would use the 11/16" star or 'Y' blade. blade spindle with bolt and lock washer. If your blade is secured with a large flange nut then you would use the 5/8" star or 'Y' blade. blade spindle with large flange nut5/8"
OffSet (Sometimes referred to as offset): If you set the blade on a table this is the distance the center of the blade is above the table top (if any) when the cutting edges are flat on the table0
Air Lift Air lift is the distance the lift panel rises above the cutting edge.1"


Volume50.35 in3
Product UOMEach
Weight (with Packaging)2.35 Lb
Product Height0.203
Product Length18"
Product Width2.5
Packaged Length17.95"
Packaged Width2.55"
Packaged Height1.1"

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32022, 32022A, 32022HD, WM132022






21227S, 481711, 5021227, 5021227S, 5021227X2, 5101756S, 5101756X2, 5103304S, 5103304X2, A48185


100341, 101485, 539100341, 539101485, 539105712


363055, 390665

John Deere:

AM104490, PT8721, TCU29188, TCU29869, TCU35393, TCU37208




50125, 50140


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1-633482, 1-633485, 103-2508, 103-2518, 103-2528, 105-7779, 105-7779-03, 105-7781, 105-7781-03, 105-7794, 105-7794-03, 105-7795, 105-7795-03, 105-7796, 105-7796-03, 108-1118, 110-0406, 110-0408, 110-0409, E633482, E633485

Wright Stander:


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Versa Pro Z

John Deere:

636M, 652M QuikTrak


GC-SFZ, SCZ48V-22FX, SCZ48V-23CV, SCZ48V-25CV, SCZ48V-26BS, SCZ48V-28BS, SCZ48V-691FX, SCZ52V-23FX, SCZ52V-25CV, SCZ52V-25CV-EFI, SCZ52V-26BS, SCZ52V-27CV, SCZ52V-28BS, SCZ52V-730FX, SFW36-16BV, SFZ36-18FS, SFZ48-19KA, SFZ48-20FS, SFZ48-26BS, SFZ48-600FS, SFZ52-19KA, SFZ52-20FS, SFZ52-23FS, SFZ52-25BS, SFZ52-26BS, SFZ52-27BS, SFZ52-600FS, SFZ52-691FS, SFZ61-28BS, SM-52, SMFZ-36, SMFZ-48, SMFZ-52, SMFZ-61, SMT-52A, SMT-52V, SMT-61A, SMT-61A 31BV, SMTC-48V, SMTC-52A, SMVR-36A, SMVR-48V, SMVR-52V, SMWC-52A, SMWC-52V, SMZ-52, SSZ-18CV, SSZ-20CV, SSZ-22CV, STC48V-22FS, STC48V-22FS-LE, STC48V-23CV, STC48V-25CV, STC48V-26BS, STC48V-27BS, STC48V-651FS, STC52A-21KA, STC52A-23KA, STC52A-23LV, STC52A-24HN, STC52V-22FX, STC52V-23BV, STC52V-23KA, STC52V-24FX, STC52V-24HN, STC52V-25CV, STC52V-25CV-EFI, STC52V-27CV, STC52V-691FX, STHM-18KH, STHM-20CV, STHM-20KH, STHM-20KH-1001, STHM-22CH, STHM-22CV, STHM-22CV-40000, STHM-22CV-50001, STT52-22CH, STT52-22KA, STT52-23CH, STT52-25CH, STT52A-22KA, STT52A-23CH, STT52A-23KA, STT52A-25CH, STT52A-27CH, STT52B-22CH, STT52B-22KA, STT52B-25CH, STT52V-25CH-LP, STT52V-26CH-EFI, STT52V-27CH, STT61-22CH, STT61-25CH, STT61B-22CH, STT61B-22KA, STT61B-25CH, STZ52-20KH, SVR36A-15FS, SVR52V-23FX, SVR52V-25CV-EFI, SW-14KA, SW-14KA-10000, SW-14KA-50001, SW-14KH-10000, SW-14KH-50001, SW-16BV, SW-16BV-50001, SW-16BVE-50001, SW-17KA, SW-18BV, SW-18BV-50001, SW-18CVE, SW-18CVE-50001, SW-18KH-10000, SW-20KHE-10000, SW32-13KA, SW32-13KA-50001, SW32-14FS, SW32-15KAI, SW32-16FS, SW32-481FS, SW36-13KA, SW36-13KA-10000, SW36-13KH, SW36-13KH-10000, SW36A-13KA, SW36A-13KH, SW36A-14FS, SW36A-14KA, SW36A-15KA, SW36A-15KH, SW36A-16FS, SW36A-16FS-LE, SW36A-16KAI, SW36A-17KAI, SW36A-481FS, SW48-14KA, SW48-14KA-10000, SW48-14KA-50001, SW48-14KAE, SW48-14KAE-50001, SW48-14KH, SW48-14KH-10000, SW48-14KH-50001, SW48-16BV, SW48-17KA, SW48V-14FS, SW48V-15KH, SW48V-16FS, SW48V-16KAI, SW48V-481FS, SW52A-17KA, SW52A-18HN, SW52A-18KH, SW52V-15FS, SW52V-17KAI, SW52V-18FS, SW52V-18HN, SW52V-18KH, SW52V-541FS, SWM-52A, SWM-52V, SWMU-52A, SWU36-15KH, SWU36A-15KA, SWU48A-17KA, SWU52A-17KA, SWZ, SWZ-14KA, SWZ-14KA-10000, SWZ-14KH, SWZ-14KH-10000, SWZ-16BV, SWZ-16BV-50001, SWZ-16BVE, SWZ-16BVE-50001, SWZ-17KA, SWZ-18BV, SWZ-18BV-50001, SWZ-18KH, SWZ-18KH-10000, SWZ-20CVE, SWZ-20CVE-50001, SWZ-20FS, SWZ-20KHE, SWZ-20KHE-10000, SWZ-21KAE, SWZ-22FSE, SWZ-600FS, SWZ-651FSE, SWZ36-14KA, SWZ36-15KH, SWZ36A-14FS, SWZ36A-14KA, SWZ36A-15KA, SWZ36A-16FS, SWZ36A-16FS-LE, SWZ36A-16KAI, SWZ36A-17KAI, SWZ36A-481FS, SWZ48V-15FS, SWZ48V-17KAI, SWZ48V-18FS, SWZ48V-18FS-LE, SWZ48V-541FS, SWZ52A-17KA, SWZ52A-18HN, SWZ52A-18KH, SWZ52A-19KAI, SWZ52V-17KAI, SWZU36A-15KA, SWZU52A-17KA


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