Compatible with ECHO models CS4510 - CS7310P/PW Kick Guard Part Number 2893202


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An ECHO Chainsaw Kick Guard™ (2894902 and 2893202) is designed to protect against rotational kickback by preventing the saw's tip from making contact with logs and branches. By installing a kick guard on the bar, it allows for easier access to tight cutting environments where there may be a lot of obstructions that may otherwise cause a lot of damage to a bare nosed bar.

A tip guard helps to prevent accidental dulling of the chain by keeping the nose clear of abrasive objects, in addition to protecting the nose from accidental contact with the ground or other obstructions.

  • Easy installation
  • Sturdy metal construction
  • Protective design

  • 2894902 - Compatible with ECHO models CS-2511P/T through CS-400 as well as DCS-2500T & DCS-5000
  • 2893202 - Compatible with ECHO models CS-4510 through CS-7310P/PW


Protect yourself from kickback

Easy installation
Through existing holes of bar's nose with a simple bolt and nut
Sturdy metal construction
Stands up to bumps and bounces off limbs and other obstructions
Protective design
Curves in front of the chain but does not interfere with performance
Kick guards should not be used when using a wedge to fell a tree to control the fall or hold an open cut, in addition to situations where the nose of the saw must be used for cutting or the blade pulled through after the completion of the cut.


Material Metal
Dimensions Tip Guard
Low Kickback 1