Fuel Filter replaces Kubota 70000-14659 Part # FF1615


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John Deere 210C Indust/Const, 210LJ Indust/Const, 300D Indust/Const, 310 TMC Indust/Const, 310C Indust/Const, 310D Indust/Const, 310E Indust/Const, 310G Indust/Const, 310J Indust/Const, 310SE Indust/Const, 310SG Indust/Const, 310SJ Indust/Const, 313 Skid Steer, 315 Skid Steer, 315C Indust/Const, 315CH Indust/Const, 315D Indust/Const, 315SE Indust/Const, 315SG Indust/Const, 315SJ Indust/Const, 317 Skid Steer, 320 Skid Steer, 325 Skid Steer, 325J Indust/Const, 328 Skid Steer, 332 Skid Steer, 360D Skidder, 3800 Telehandler, 4045HT Eng, 410D Indust/Const, 410E Indust/Const, 410G Indust/Const, 450G Crawler, 455G Crawler, 460D Skidder, 4630 Sprayer, 4710 Sprayer, 4720 Sprayer, 4730 Sprayer, 482C Forklift, 4830 Sprayer, 485E Forklift, 486E Forklift, 488E Forklift, 4920 Sprayer, 4930 Sprayer, 510D Indust/Const, 540E Skidder, 540G Skidder, 540H Skidder, 5430I Sprayer, 544E Indust/Const, 548E Skidder, 548G Skidder, 548H Skidder, 550G Crawler, 555G Crawler, 560D Skidder, 624E Indust/Const, 640E Skidder, 640G Skidder, 640H Skidder, 644E Indust/Const, 648E Skidder, 648G Skidder, 648H Skidder, 650G Crawler, 6700 Sprayer, 670C Grader, 670CH Grader, 670D Grader, 672CH Grader, 672D Grader, 672G Grader, 700H Crawler, 710B Indust/Const, 710C Indust/Const, 710D Indust/Const, 710G Indust/Const, 740E Skidder, 740G Skidder, 744E Indust/Const, 748E Skidder, 748G Skidder, 748H Skidder, 770C Grader, 770D Grader, 770G Grader, 772CH Grader, 772D Grader, 772G Grader, 848H Skidder, 870D Grader, 870G Grader, 872D Grader, 872G Grader, 9100, 9100T, 9120, 9200, 9220, 9230, 9300, 9300T, 9320, 9320T, 9330, 9400, 9400T, 9420, 9420T, 9430, 9430T, 9520, 9520T, 9530, 9530T, 9620, 9620T, 9630, 9630T, CT315 Compact Track Loader, CT322 Compact Track Loader, CT332 Compact Track Loader






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