Genuine A&I Products Hi-Lift Blade, Fits John Deere TCU15881 B1JD1040


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Replacement XHT Lawnmower blade. XHT(Xtreme Hardness & Toughness) blades are 25-40% harder than standard lawnmower blades. Benefits of the HXT blade are sharper and longer lasting cutting edges. More resistance to bending. Tighter tolerances in the aftermarket vs. OEM. XHT blades also offer greater impact toughness.

(3) blades for 60" cut. Fits 7 Iron deck, Z Trak, F620, M665, F680 models. Also fits 4200, 4300 and 4400 compact utility tractors.

    Center Hole: 7/8"

    Length: 21"

    Thickness: .312

    Type: Medium Lift

    Width: 2-1/2"

John Deere (UNDEFINED): SEVERAL (60"),John Deere FRONT MOUNT MOWER: F687 (60"),John Deere RIDING MOWER: F735 (60"),John Deere RIDING MOWER: 1550 (60"),John Deere RIDING MOWER: 1570 (60"),John Deere RIDING MOWER: 1575 (60"),John Deere RIDING MOWER: 1580 (60"),John Deere RIDING MOWER: 1585 (60"),John Deere RIDING MOWER: 60 (60"),John Deere RIDING MOWER: 997 (60"),John Deere ZERO-TURN: Z520A ZTRAK (60"),John Deere ZERO-TURN: Z720A ZTRAK (60"),John Deere ZERO-TURN: Z920M ZTRAK (60"),John Deere ZERO-TURN: Z925M EFI ZTRAK (60"),John Deere ZERO-TURN: Z925M EFI FLEX FUEL (60"),John Deere ZERO-TURN: Z930M EFI ZTRAK (60"),John Deere ZERO-TURN: Z930M ZTRAK (60"),John Deere ZERO-TURN: Z930R ZTRAK (60"),John Deere ZERO-TURN: Z950A ZTRAK (60"),John Deere ZERO-TURN: Z960A ZTRAK (60"),John Deere ZERO-TURN: Z997R ZTRAK (60"),John Deere ZERO-TURN: 737 Z-TRAK (60"),John Deere ZERO-TURN: 757 Z-TRAK (60"),John Deere ZERO-TURN: 777 Z-TRAK (60"),John Deere ZERO-TURN: 797 Z-TRAK (60")