Genuine Kawasaki OEM COIL-ASSY-IGNITION Part# 21171-7035


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Compatible With Models:

FH381V-AS29, FH381V-AS30, FH381V-BS28, FH381V-CS01, FH381V-CS02, FH381V-CS03, FH381V-CS06, FH381V-CS10, FH381V-CS11, FH381V-CS20, FH381V-CS21, FH381V-CS22, FH381V-CS23, FH381V-CS28, FH381V-DS01, FH381V-DS02, FH381V-DS03, FH381V-DS06, FH381V-DS10, FH381V-DS11, FH381V-DS12, FH381V-DS20, FH381V-DS21, FH381V-DS22, FH381V-DS23, FH381V-ES04, FH381V-FS04, FH430V-AS34, FH430V-AS35, FH430V-AS36, FH430V-AS38, FH430V-AS39, FH430V-AS40, FH430V-AS41, FH430V-BS04, FH430V-BS08, FH430V-BS33, FH430V-BS34, FH430V-BS35, FH430V-BS36, FH430V-BS38, FH430V-CS01, FH430V-CS02, FH430V-CS04, FH430V-CS05, FH430V-CS08, FH430V-CS11, FH430V-CS20, FH430V-CS23, FH430V-CS33, FH430V-DS01, FH430V-DS02, FH430V-DS03, FH430V-DS04, FH430V-DS06, FH430V-DS08, FH430V-DS11, FH430V-DS20, FH430V-DS21, FH430V-DS22, FH430V-DS23, FH430V-DS24, FH430V-DS25, FH430V-DS26, FH430V-DS27, FH430V-DS28, FH430V-ES06, FH430V-ES24, FH430V-ES28, FH480V-BS20, FH480V-BS21, FH480V-BS24, FH480V-CS20, FH480V-CS21, FH480V-CS22, FH480V-CS24, FH480V-DS20, FH480V-DS21, FH480V-DS24