Genuine Kawasaki OEM SPRINGRECOIL Part# 92145-2128


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Compatible With Models:

KBL27A-A1, KBL27B-A1, KBL27B-A2, KBL27B-A3, KBL27C-A1, KBL27C-A2, KBL27C-A3, KBL27C-A5, KCL525A-A1, KCL525A-A1, KCL525A-A1, KCL600A-A1, KCL600A-A4, KCS525A-A1, KCS525A-A3, KCS600A-A1, KCS600A-A4, KEL27B-A3, KEL27B-A4, KEL27B-A5, KEL27B-A6, KGT27A-A1, KGT27B-A1, KGT27B-A2, KGT27B-A3, KGT27C-A1, KGT27C-A2, KGT27C-A3, KGT27C-A4, KGT27C-A5, KGT27C-A6, KGT27C-A7, KGT27C-B3, KMS27A-A1, KMS27A-A4, KRB300A-A1, KRB300A-A2, KRH300A-A1, KTF27A-A1, KTF27A-A2, KTF27A-A3, KTF27B-A1, KTF27B-A3, KTF27B-A4, KTF27B-B3, KTFR27A-A1, KTFR27A-A2, KTFR27A-A3, KTFR27A-A4, KTFR27A-A5, KTFR27A-B3, KTR27A-A2, KTR27A-A3, KTR27A-A4