Genuine Kohler CARBUETOR RPL 12 853 59 Part # 12 853 98-S


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KOH~12 853 98-S
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Compatibility Information:

CH14-1832, CH12.5-1940, CH12.5-1938, CH12.5-1939, CH11-16122, CH12.5-1932, CH12.5-1937, CH12.5-1936, CH11-1626, CH11-16139, CH12.5-1934, CH12.5-1942, CH12.5-1929, CH12.5-1928, CH11-16126, CH11-1627, CH11-1629, CH11-16107, CH11-16101, CH11-16118, CH11-16104, CH11-16119, CH11-16137, CH12.5-1941, CH11-16135, CH11-16132, CH11-16121, CH11-16124, CH11-16140, CH11-16141, CH11-16142, CH11-16133, CH11-16143, CH11-16105, CH11-16103, CH11-16102, CH11-16144, CH11-16128, CH11-16146, CH11-16138, CH11-16131, CH12.5-1925, CH11-16129, CH12.5-1935, CH12.5-1931, CH11-16123, CH11-16147