Genuine Kohler COIL, IGNITION Part # 24 519 02-S


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KOH~24 519 02-S
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Compatibility Information:

CH745-3100, CH745-3113, CH745-0017, CH745-0014, CH745-0013, CH26-78525, CH745-0010, CH745-0006, CH745-0008, CH745-0011, LH775-0010, LH775-0019, LH775-3019, CH745-0012, CH745-0007, CH745-3110, CH745-0015, CH26-78527, CH745-0004, CH745-3114, CH745-0113, CH26-78512, CH26-78515, LH775-0001, LH775-0011, LH775-0018, CH26-78511, LH775-0012, LH775-3012, CH26-78509, CH26-78510, CH26-78513, CH26-78514, CH26-78522, CH26-78521, CH26-78516, CH26-78517, CH26-78518, CH745-0003, CV26-79514, CV26-79519, CV745-0009, CV745-3010, CV745-0008, CV745-0005, LH775-0016, CH745-0005, CH735-3011, CH745-3111, CH735-3010, CH26-78528, CH26-78526, LH775-0017, LH775-0020, LH775-3024, CH735-3012, CH735-3014, CH735-3015, CH735-3013, LH775-0015, LH775-3015, CH745-0016, LH775-0013, ECH749-3008, LH775-3021, LH775-3025, ECH740-3012, ECH749-3082, ECH749-3067, ECH630-3025, ECH630-3041, ECH630-3008, ECH749-3052, ECH749-3061, ECH749-3088, CV26-79517, CV26-79518, CV26-79516, CV26-79513, CV26-79512, CV26-79515, CV26-79510, CV26-79511, CV745-0001, CV745-0002, CV745-0004, CV745-0003, CV26-79509, CV745-0006, CV745-0007