Genuine Kohler OEM GASKET Part# 235122-S


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Compatibility Information:

K241-46582, K241-46560, K241-46519, K241-46264, K241-46203, K241-46122, K241-46301, K241-46164, K241-46696, K241-46670, K241-46726, K241-46352, K241-46606, K241-46617, K241-46580, K241-46585, K241-46545, K241-46518, K241-46352, K241-46440, K241-46518, K241-46545, K241-46580, K241-46585, K241-46606, K241-46617, K241-46652, K241-46670, K241-46696, K241-46726, K301-47499, K301-47533, K301-47549, K301-47618, K301-47248, K301-47297, K301-47119, K301-47124, K301-47140, K301-47296, K301-4758, K301-4757, K301-47458, K301-47402, K301-47389, K301-47424, K301-47420, K301-47422, K301-47332, K301-47335, K301-47364, K301-4715, K301-47268, K301-47369, K301-47184, K301-47734, K301-47596, K301-47563, K301-47238, K301-4765, K301-47346, K301-47349, K301-47312, K301-47306, K301-47310, K301-47309, K301-47382, K301-47277, K301-47278, K301-47589, K301-47502, K301-47509, K301-47436, K301-4770, K301-47593, K301-47551, K301-47519, K301-47650, K301-47724, K301-47812, K301-47828, K321-60416, K321-60131, K321-6009, K321-60117, K321-60138, K321-60159, K321-60248, K321-60279, K321-60191, K321-60233, K321-6053, K321-60158, K321-60173, K321-60186, K321-60271, K321-60440, K321-60424, K321-60399, K321-60393, K321-60387, K321-60307, K321-60295, K321-60304, K321-60287, K321-60377, K321-60389, K321-60362, K321-60347, K321-60405, K321-60407, K321-60434, M12-471536, M12-471571