Genuine OEM AIP Replacement PIX Belt for A-SECTION COGGED A-AX39 AX39


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1/2" x 41" A Section Cogged Polyester Cord

    Color: Black

    Depth: 5/16"

    Length: 41"

    Material: Polyester Cord

    OC Length: 1/2" X 41"

    Thickness: 0.3125"

    Top Width: 1/2"

    Type: A Section Cogged

    Width: 1/2"

(Miscellaneous) (UNDEFINED): SEVERAL,Encore ZERO-TURN: 34K15Z Z34,Encore ZERO-TURN: 42B350Z Z42,Encore ZERO-TURN: 42K17Z Z42,Encore ZERO-TURN: 42K450Z Z42,Encore ZERO-TURN: 48B20X X-TREME,Encore ZERO-TURN: 48B450Z Z48,Encore ZERO-TURN: 48K19Z Z48,Encore ZERO-TURN: 48K550Z Z48,Encore ZERO-TURN: 52B25X X-TREME,Encore ZERO-TURN: 52B550Z Z52,Encore ZERO-TURN: 52K23X X-TREME,Encore ZERO-TURN: 52K650Z Z52,Encore ZERO-TURN: 60B25X X-TREME,Encore ZERO-TURN: 60K25X X-TREME