Genuine OEM Kohler CONNECTOR part# 25 155 04-S


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KOH~25 155 04-S
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Compatibility Information:

CH18-62512, K582-36385, K582-36386, K582-36395, CH18-62517, CH23-76577, CH18-62520, CH18-62522, CH18-62527, CH20-64551, CH20-64619-, CH20-64515, CH18-62532, CH20-64550, CH18-62533, CH14-1825, CH11-1617, CH14-1825, CH11-1617, CH18-62541, M12-471557, M12-471584, M16-711530, M16-711580, M18-24705, M18-24704, M18-24642, M18-24526, M18-24514, M18-24524, M18-24540, M18-24557, M18-24546, M18-24625, M18-24603, M18-24658, M18-24637, M18-24662, M20-49513, M18-24628, M18-24675, M18-24679, M18-24664, M18-24674, M18-24553, M20-49542, M18-24553, M18-24675, M18-24574, M18-24650, M18-24676, M18-24682, M20-49521, M20-49542, M20-49545, M20-49547, M20-49587, M20-49569, M20-49605, M20-49611, M20-49549, M20-49554, M20-49608, M20-49599, M20-49620, M20-49598, M20-49563, M20-49564, MV18-58531, MV20-57507, MV18-58509, MV18-58507, MV20-57521, MV20-57525, MV18-58537, MV20-57521, MV20-57525, MV18-58517, TH16-52521, CH18-62577, CH20-64513, CH26-78511, CH26-78510, CH26-78513, CH26-78514, CH20-64528, CH20-64533, CH640-3024, CH20-64544, CH20-64546, CH13-22514, CH15-44517, CH20-64558, CH640-3064, CH14-1821, CH14-1821, CH25-68573, CH22-66513-, CH22-66526-, CH22-66530-, CH25-68509, CH25-68532, CH25-68519, CH25-68545, CH25-68546, CH12.5-1917