Genuine OEM Kohler GUARD FIXED part# 20 314 06-S


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KOH~20 314 06-S
does not apply
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Compatibility Information:

SV530-0033, SV590-0212, SV590-0211, SV590-0213, SV470-0214, SV540-0210, SV610-0210, SV610-0211, SV530-0214, SV530-0032, SV600-0028, SV590-0024, SV600-0027, SV540-0023, SV530-0215, SV620-0211, SV600-0221, SV600-0029, SV590-0219, SV530-0217, SV530-0219, SV470-0215, SV600-3221, SV600-0215, SV590-0223, SV600-0226, SV530-0023, SV590-0019, SV620-0016, SV480-0118, SV610-0020, SV590-0023, SV610-0022, SV530-0022, SV610-3211, SV610-3210, SV620-3211, SV540-3210, SV600-3230, SV600-3215, SV600-3234, SV530-3214, SV470-3221, SV470-3215, SV530-3223, SV590-3219, SV470-3219, SV530-3217, SV590-3225, SV530-3219, SV590-3213, SV590-3212, SV620-3219, SV600-3238, SV600-3237, SV470-3214, SV590-3224, SV530-3215, SV590-3211, SV600-3236, SV540-3231, SV470-3222, SV601-3247, SV530-3226, SV601-3214, SV541-3214, SV540-3234, SV591-3219