Genuine OEM Kohler LEVER THROTTLE part# 63 090 02-S


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KOH~63 090 02-S
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Compatibility Information:

CS12-941510, CS8.5-921508, CS8.5-921507, CS10-931508, CS10-931510, CS10-931509, CS12-941508, CS12-941509, CS12-941520, CS12-941505, CS12-941506, CS12-941504, CS12-941501, CS12-941502, CS10-931502, CS10-931501, CS10-931504, CS10-931505, CS10-931506-, CS8.5-921505, CS8.5-921504, CS8.5-921503, CS8.5-921502, CS8.5-921501, CS10-931507, CS10-931503, CS12-941503, CS12-941507, CS12-931511, CS12-941616, CS12-941607, CS12-941612, CS10-931607, CS12-941608, CS12-941628, CS12-941609, CS12-941610, CS10-931610, CS12-941634, CS12-941637, CS10-931616, CS10-931622, CS10-931617, CS10-931606, CS10-931605, CS10-931602, CS10-931601, CS10-931608, CS10-931609, CS10-931621, CS12-941602, CS12-941635, CS12-941633, CS12-941601, CS12-941620, CS12-941626, CS12-941606, CS12-941636, CS12-941605, CS12-941625, CS12-941627, CS12-941617, CS10-931604, CS12-941604, CS12-941643, CS10-931625, CS12-941644, CS12-941517, CS10-931626, CS12-941630