Genuine OEM Kohler SCREW THRD FRM M6X1.0X25 part# 15 086 15-S


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KOH~15 086 15-S
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Compatibility Information:

CH5-1545, CH5-1545, CH5-1546, CH6-15110, CH6-15101, CH6-15102, CH6-15104, CH6-15105, CH6-15106, CH6-15119, CH6-15120, CH6-15134, CH6-15132, CH6-15131, CH6-15130, CH6-15139, CH6-15120, CH6-15119, CH6-15106, CH6-15101, CH6-15102, CH6-15139, CH6-15135, CH6-15124, CH6-15123, CH6-15105, CH6-15102, CH6-15101, CH6-15103, CH6-15104, CH6-15106, CH6-15119, CH6-15120, CH6-15110, CH6-15123, CH6-15103, CH6-15124, CH6-15103, CH6-15123, CH6-15135, CH6-15105, CH6-15104, CH6-15110, CH6-15135, CH6-15124, CH6-15139, CH6-15115, CH6-15115, CH6-15115, CH6-15128, CH6-15128, CH6-15130, CH6-15130, CH6-15131, CH6-15131, CH6-15132, CH6-15132, CH6-15134, CH6-15134