Genuine OEM Kohler SPRING GOVERNOR Part# 17 089 08-S


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KOH~17 089 08-S
does not apply
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Comaptibility Information:

CH270-0035, CH270-0065, CH270-0106, CH270-0107, CH270-0108, CH270-0109, CH270-0114, CH270-0119, CH270-0125, CH270-1065, CH270-1105, CH270-3016, CH270-3128, CH270-3129, CH270-3143, CH270-3146, CH270-3156, CH270-3167, CH270-3168, CH270-3171, CH270-3182, CH270-3195, CH395-0015, CH395-0025, CH395-0055, CH395-0065, CH395-0105, CH395-0108, CH395-0115, CH395-0119, CH395-0121, CH395-1065, CH395-3128