Genuine OEM Kohler TUBE RFI FLEXIBLE SLEEVE(219MM) Part# 25 123 05-S


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KOH~25 123 05-S
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Comaptibility Information:

CH18-62636, CH20-64740-, CH20-64761-, CH23-76640, CH620-0020, CH620-3018, CH620-3037, CH620-3059, CH620-3088, CH620-3112, CH620-3113, CH620-3137, CH620-3139, CH620-3140, CH640-0027, CH640-3003, CH640-3027, CH640-3029, CH640-3039, CH640-3107, CH640-3108, CH640-3121, CH640-3129, CH640-3136, CH640-3137, CH640-3172, CH640-3205, CH640-3208, CH640-3209, CH640-3215, CH640-3227, CH640-3230, CH641-3019, CH641-3021, CH680-0021, CH680-0023, CH680-0028, CH680-3003, CH680-3028, CH680-3036, CH680-3054, CH680-3058, CH680-3081, CH680-3083, CH680-3095, CH680-3100, CH680-3101, CH680-3105, CH680-3111, CH680-3112, CH680-3113, CH680-3119, CH680-3120, CH682-3011, CH682-3014, CH730-0085, CH730-0133, CH730-0148, CH730-0160, CH730-3000, CH730-3002, CH730-3015, CH730-3148, CH730-3201, CH730-3227, CH730-3262, CH730-3272, CH730-3306, CH730-3307, CH730-3310, CH730-3313, CH730-3315, CH730-3316, CH730-3321, CH730-3322, CH730-3323, CH730-3328, CH730-3331, CH730-3334, CV640-3026, CV682-3011, CV682-3014, CV682-3024, CV682-3025, CV682-3026, CV730-0120, CV730-3149, CV732-3011, CV732-3014, CV732-3017, CV732-3022, CV732-3028, CV732-3029, CV732-3030, CV732-3031, CV732-3032, CV732-3034, CV732-3035