Genuine Oregon Air Cleaner, Cover Assembly rpls Honda 17231-ZE1-000 30-335


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  • Replaces Honda 17231-ZE1-000
  • Used on GX140 & GX160


Volume244.001 in3
Product UOMEach
Weight (with Packaging)0.81 Lb
Packaged Length8"
Packaged Width6.1"
Packaged Height5"

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Compatible Models


102 MODELS, GX160K1 L1, GX160K1 L1/A, GX160K1 LD, GX160K1 Q1, GX160K1 Q1/A, GX160K1 QD, GX160K1 R1, GX160K1 R1/A, GX160K1 RD, GX160K1 RD/A, GX160K1 RD/B, GX160K1 S1, GX160K1 S1/A, GX160K1 SD, GX160K1 W1, GX160K1 W1/A, GX160K1 WKT2, GX160K1 WKT2/A, GX160K1 WME2, GX160T1 WKT2, GX160T2 LDW, GX160U1 LSJ4, GX160U1 NDM4, GX160U1 QMC6, GX160U1 RD4, GX160U1 SD16, GX160U1 SD4, GX160U1 SDS, GX160U1 SHRY, GX160U1 VED6, GX160U1 WKD6, GX160U1 WKT2, GX160U1 WKT4, GX160U1 WKT6, GX160U1 WMB0, GX160U1 WME2, GX160U1 WME4, GX160U1 WMT4, GX160UT1 QMC6, GX160UT1 SD16, GX160UT1 WKS, GX160UT1 WKT2, GX160UT1 WKT4, GX160UT1 WKT6, GX160UT2 SD16, GX160UT2 SHRY, GX160UT2 WKS, GX160UT2 WKT2, GX200 LD, GX200 QD, GX200 QD/A, GX200 SD, GX200 SD/A, HS522 TA, HS522 WA, HS55 TA, HS55 WA, HS55K1 TA, HS55K1 TAS, HS55K1 WA, HS55K2 TA, HS55K2 TAS, HS55K2 WA, HS622 TA/A, HS622 TA/B, HS624K1 TA/A, HS624K1 TA/B, HS624K1 TA/C, HS624K1 TC/A, HS624K1 TC/B, HS624K1 WA/A, HS624K1 WA/B, HS624K1 WA/C, HS724 TA, HS724 TA/A, HS724 WA, HS724 WA/A, HS724K1 TA, HS724K1 WA, WA20X C, WA30X C, WB20X C, WB30X C, WB30X CR, WB30XK1 AC1, WB30XK1 C1, WB30XK2 A, WB30XT2 A, WB30XT3 A, WD20X C, WD30X C, WD30XK1 AC1, WD30XK1 AC1/A, WD30XK1 C1, WD30XK1 C1/A, WH20X CR, WH20XK1 AC1, WH20XK1 AC1/A, WH20XK1 AC1/B, WH20XK2 AC1