Genuine Oregon Air Filter-Honda rpls Honda 17210-ZE3-000 30-417


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  • Fits GX240, 270, 340 and 390 models
  • For 8-13 HP engines
  • Length: 4-3/8", Width: 3-3/4", Height 3-5/8"
  • Use with Oregon® 30-454 foam pre-cleaner


Volume99.738 in3
Product UOMEA
Weight (with Packaging)0.545 Lb
Product Height3-5/8
Product Length4-3/8
Product Width3-3/4
Packaged Length5.05"
Packaged Width5"
Packaged Height3.95"

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172-ZE3-010, 17210-ZE3-000, 17210-ZE3-010, 17210-ZE3-505, 17218-ZE3-505, 2107993, 289390, 2893907, 5252697, 5281449, CODE 2107993, CODE 2893907, CODE 5252697, CODE 5281449


90085, 93085







Compatible Models


254 MODELS, 581 MODELS, EG5000X A, EG5000X AR, EG5000XK1 A/A, EG5000XK1 A/B, EG5000XK1 A/C, EG5000XK1 AC, EG5000XK1 AN, EN5000 A, EZ5000 A, EZ5000 A/A, FRC800 A, FRC800 AC, FRC800 AN, FRC800K1 A, GX240U1 QXB7, GX240U1 QXB9, GX240U1 QXC9, GX240U1 VWC2, GX240U1 VXB7, GX240U1 VXB9, GX240UT1 QXC9, GX240UT2 QXC9, GX270 QSC, GX270 QSC9, GX270 QSC9/A, GX270 QWA2, GX270 QWA4, GX270 QWA4/A, GX270 QWH2, GX270 QWH2/A, GX270 QXC, GX270 QXC9, GX270 QXC9/A, GX270 VMA4, GX270 VME4, GX270U QSC9, GX270U QWH2, GX270U QXB, GX270U QXB7, GX270U QXB9, GX270U QXC6, GX270U QXC9, GX270U SXB, GX270U SXB7, GX270U SXB9, GX270U SXEB, GX270U VMA4, GX270U VME4, GX270U VN17, GX270U VN19, GX270U VNG1, GX270U VSD, GX270U VSD7, GX270U VSD9, GX270U VSH7, GX270U VSH9, GX270U VWT4, GX270U VXB, GX270U VXB7, GX270U VXB9, GX270U VXE7, GX270U VXE9, GX270U VXEB, GX270UH QXC9, GX270UT QSC9, GX270UT QWA4, GX270UT QWH2, GX270UT QXB2, GX270UT QXB7, GX270UT QXC2, GX270UT QXC9, GX270UT QXCU, GX270UT VMA4, GX270UT VME4, GX270UT VN17, GX270UT VSD7, GX270UT VSH7, GX270UT VXB7, GX270UT VXB9, GX270UT2 QSC9, GX270UT2 QWH2, GX270UT2 QXC6, GX270UT2 QXC9, GX270UT2 QXCU, GX270UT2 SMXC, GX270UT2 VMA4, GX270UT2 VME4, GX340 LX, GX340 QA, GX340 QAC, GX340 QAE, GX340 QAE0, GX340 QAP, GX340 QXC, GX340 STP, GX340 STQ, GX340 VA, GX340R1 QNB2, GX340R1 VAD2, GX340R1 VDE2, GX340R1 VW12, GX340R1 VWE2, GX340U1 HA2, GX340U1 HX26, GX340U1 LHQ4, GX340U1 LKE, GX340U1 LMF0, GX340U1 LX2, GX340U1 LX26, GX340U1 LXE2, GX340U1 LXE4, GX340U1 LXE8, GX340U1 LXQ4, GX340U1 LXS4, GX340U1 LXU, GX340U1 PKT2, GX340U1 PKT4, GX340U1 PKTE, GX340U1 PKX2, GX340U1 PKX4, GX340U1 PXE2, GX340U1 PXE8, GX340U1 QA2, GX340U1 QA26, GX340U1 QAB2, GX340U1 QAC2, GX340U1 QAE2, GX340U1 QAE6, GX340U1 QAG, GX340U1 QAH2, GX340U1 QAP2, GX340U1 QDW9, GX340U1 QE, GX340U1 QHQ4, GX340U1 QKA4, GX340U1 QME0, GX340U1 QME8, GX340U1 QMT2, GX340U1 QNB2, GX340U1 QNE2