Genuine Oregon Air Filter with Foam Pre-Cleaner rpls Honda 1488790 30-318


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  • Fits GX110, GX120KI, 4 HP and series 400 and 401K
  • Length: 4", Width: 2-7/8", Height: 2-1/16"
  • Use with Oregon® 30-453 foam pre-cleaner
  • Replaces Honda


Volume43.826 in3
Product UOMEA
Weight (with Packaging)0.305 Lb
Product Height2-1/16
Product Length4
Product Width2-7/8
Packaged Length4.35"
Packaged Width3.25"
Packaged Height3.1"

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1488790, 17210-ZE0-505, 17210-ZE0-822, 17210-ZE8-820, 17210-ZEO-822, 289387, 2893873, 5273032, CODE 1488790, CODE 2893873, CODE 5273032, E-3019





Prime Line:








Compatible Models


152 MODELS, 210 MODELS, EG1400X A, EG1400XK1 A/A, EG1400XK1 A/B, EZ1400 A, F401 A2, F401 AD, F401K1 A, F401K2 A, F401K2 A2, F401K2 AC, F401K2 AC/A, F401K2 AC2, GX110 HX, GX110 QX, GX110 QXA, GX110 TX, GX110 VA, GX110 VH, GX110 VX, GX120K1 HT2, GX120K1 HT24, GX120K1 HTF2, GX120K1 HX, GX120K1 HX/A, GX120K1 HX2, GX120K1 HX2/A, GX120K1 HXQ, GX120K1 KRS4, GX120K1 L1, GX120K1 L1/A, GX120K1 LJD2, GX120K1 LJD2/A, GX120K1 LX2, GX120K1 PX, GX120K1 PX2, GX120K1 PX2/A, GX120K1 Q1, GX120K1 Q1/A, GX120K1 QAA2, GX120K1 QH2, GX120K1 QJG2, GX120K1 QJG2/A, GX120K1 QMX2, GX120K1 QMX2/A, GX120K1 QTC2, GX120K1 QWA4, GX120K1 QWA4/A, GX120K1 QX, GX120K1 QX/A, GX120K1 QX2, GX120K1 QX2/A, GX120K1 QXG, GX120K1 QXG2, GX120K1 QXQ, GX120K1 QXS, GX120K1 QXS2, GX120K1 QXS2/A, GX120K1 R1, GX120K1 RX, GX120K1 RX/A, GX120K1 S1, GX120K1 S1/A, GX120K1 SG24, GX120K1 SG24/A, GX120K1 SJD2, GX120K1 SM12, GX120K1 SMW2, GX120K1 SSK2, GX120K1 SSX2, GX120K1 SW2, GX120K1 SWX2, GX120K1 SWX2/A, GX120K1 SX, GX120K1 SX/A, GX120K1 TX, GX120K1 TX2, GX120K1 UX, GX120K1 VA, GX120K1 VX, GX120T1 QW24, GX120T1 QX2, GX120T1 QXS2, GX120T1 SG24, GX120T1 SWX2, GX120T1 TX, GX120T1 TX2, GX120U1 HHQ4, GX120U1 HT2, GX120U1 HT24, GX120U1 HTF2, GX120U1 HX2, GX120U1 HX26, GX120U1 HX4, GX120U1 HXU, GX120U1 LAJ4, GX120U1 LHQ4, GX120U1 LSB, GX120U1 LSD2, GX120U1 LX2, GX120U1 LX4, GX120U1 LXM2, GX120U1 LXU, GX120U1 PX2, GX120U1 QH26, GX120U1 QHQ4, GX120U1 QJG2, GX120U1 QLL, GX120U1 QMA4, GX120U1 QMA8, GX120U1 QMX2, GX120U1 QWA4, GX120U1 QX2, GX120U1 QX26, GX120U1 QX4, GX120U1 QX7, GX120U1 QXS2, GX120U1 QXU, GX120U1 RHC, GX120U1 RHQ4, GX120U1 RX4, GX120U1 SAJ4, GX120U1 SAR4, GX120U1 SE, GX120U1 SG24, GX120U1 SHQ4, GX120U1 SJD2, GX120U1 SKB2, GX120U1 SM12, GX120U1 SM14, GX120U1 SMA7, GX120U1 SMB2, GX120U1 SMW2, GX120U1 SSX2, GX120U1 SSX4, GX120U1 SWX2, GX120U1 SWX4, GX120U1 SX4, GX120U1 SX7, GX120U1 SXS4, GX120U1 TX2, GX120U1 TX26, GX120U1 TX4, GX120U1 UXU, GX120U1 VEX, GX120U1 VEX7, GX120U1 VMS4, GX120U1 VX4, GX120U1 VX7, GX120U1 VXU, GX120U1 WDA6, GX120UT1 HT2, GX120UT1 HTC2, GX120UT1 HTF2, GX120UT1 HX2, GX120UT1 LHQ4, GX120UT1 LSB, GX120UT1 LX4, GX120UT1 LXU, GX120UT1 QBC4