Genuine Oregon Mower Blade, 21-15/16"""""""" rpls HUSQVARNA 7420642 98-050


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  • Center hole: bow-tie
  • 1 blade for a 22" cut
  • Works with mowers after 1995
  • Enhanced hardening to keep the blade sharper and more durable
  • Made to exact OEM specifications
  • Replacement for major brand: MTD


Blade Width Measure near the center of the blade.2.25"
Blade Thickness Measure near the center of the blade.0.134"
Blade Length Measured diagonally from the corners of the blade21-15/16"
Outer Hole Diameter This is the diameter of any holes to the sides of the center hole.5/16"
Center Hole Size Many blades will have a round hole in the center of the blade and you will need to know its diameter. Blade Length 5 or 7 Point Star Center holes may be 5 or 7 point star shaped. 5 point star on blade7 point star on blade Square or Rectangular The MTD built blades on many walk behind lawn mowers have a 'bow-tie' hole. In this case the Oregon replacement blade will have a rectangular center hole which will fit on the bow-tie pattern on the blade adapter. Square or Rectangular hole on blade MTD Blades The MTD® built blades (Bolens, Cub Cadet, Troy-bilt, White, Yard Machine, and Yardman) may have a 6 point star. Oregon replacement blades will have a 'Y' shaped center hole which will fit exactly on the 6 point star on the blade spindle. 6 point star for MTD blades The two sizes of the 6 point star. If your blade spindle has a bolt and lock washer that holds the blade to the machine you would use the 11/16" star or 'Y' blade. blade spindle with bolt and lock washer. If your blade is secured with a large flange nut then you would use the 5/8" star or 'Y' blade. blade spindle with large flange nutbow-tie
Center-to-Center If there are outer holes; this is the distance between the centers of those outer holes.2-1/2"
OffSet (Sometimes referred to as offset): If you set the blade on a table this is the distance the center of the blade is above the table top (if any) when the cutting edges are flat on the table5/16"
Air Lift Air lift is the distance the lift panel rises above the cutting edge.13/16"


Volume246.791 in3
Product UOMEach
Weight (with Packaging)1.777 Lb
Product Height0.134
Product Length21-15/16"
Product Width2.25
Packaged Length23"
Packaged Width3.7"
Packaged Height2.9"

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490-100-M087, 490-100-M088

J Thomas:



490-100-M087, 742-0642, 742-0642A, 742-0742, 742-0742-S, 742-0742A, 742-0742A-X, 942-04382, 942-04382-0684, 942-0642, 942-0642A, 942-0742, 942-0742-S, 942-0742A, OEM-742-0642, OEM-742-0742



Prime Line:





742-0642, 742-0642A, 942-0642, 942-0642A





Tractor Supply:

4441258, 4441290

Compatible Models


11A-030E000, 11A-030F200, 11A-031B700, 11A-032A752, 11A-033F000, 11A-034D731, 11A-034E000, 11A-034E729, 11A-034F200, 11A-034R200, 11A-038A729, 11A-050A009, 11A-050A054, 11A-050A709, 11A-052A731, 11A-054D731, 11A-060A000, 11A-060A009, 11A-060A022, 11A-060A054, 11A-060A062, 11A-060A205, 11A-060A700, 11A-060A709, 11A-060A754, 11A-061A062, 11A-061B026, 11A-062A009, 11A-062A062, 11A-062A205, 11A-062A372, 11A-062A382, 11A-064A205, 11A-070A054, 11A-070A302, 11A-070A720, 11A-070A754, 11A-071D304, 11A-072A009, 11A-072A019, 11A-072A022, 11A-072A033, 11A-072A372, 11A-072A382, 11A-072A733, 11A-073A022, 11A-073A722, 11A-073A800, 11A-074A141, 11A-074D765, 11A-074E065, 11A-074E729, 11A-074F265, 11A-074R265, 11A-080A301, 11A-081B009, 11A-081B131, 11A-081B147, 11A-081B192, 11A-081B206, 11A-081B304, 11A-081B308, 11A-081B704, 11A-081D000, 11A-082A000, 11A-082A020, 11A-082A026, 11A-082A033, 11A-082A088, 11A-082A099-247.38719, 11A-082A120, 11A-082A131, 11A-082A206, 11A-082A352, 11A-082A700, 11A-082A788, 11A-083A019, 11A-083A023, 11A-083A136, 11A-083A196, 11A-083A736, 11A-083A800, 11A-083B205, 11A-083F000, 11A-083F141, 11A-083F700, 11A-083F800, 11A-083G033, 11A-084A000, 11A-084A009, 11A-084A016, 11A-084A019, 11A-084A022, 11A-084A033, 11A-084A054, 11A-084A062, 11A-084A088, 11A-084A098, 11A-084A147, 11A-084A205, 11A-084A206, 11A-084A302, 11A-084A352, 11A-084A372, 11A-084A382, 11A-084A700, 11A-084A709, 11A-084A754, 11A-084B352, 11A-084C000, 11A-084C062, 11A-084C163, 11A-084C301, 11A-084C372, 11A-084D000, 11A-084D098, 11A-084D129, 11A-084D205, 11A-084D352, 11A-084D731, 11A-084E000, 11A-084E020, 11A-084E029, 11A-084E031, 11A-084E352, 11A-084E705, 11A-084E729, 11A-084E752, 11A-084E765, 11A-084F229, 11A-084F231, 11A-084G200, 11A-084L132, 11A-084R220, 11A-084R229, 11A-085B229, 11A-086D062, 11A-086F009, 11A-086F026, 11A-086F062, 11A-086F088, 11A-086F132, 11A-086F205, 11A-086F206, 11A-086F382, 11A-086F786, 11A-086H729, 11A-086Q729, 11A-088A300, 11A-088T131, 11A-089K700, 11A-089Q720, 11A-089Q729, 11A-089Q762, 11A-089R762, 11A-089S700, 11A-08M5229, 11A-08M9006, 11A-08MA029, 11A-08MB000, 11A-08MB006, 11A-08MB031, 11A-422Q713, 11A-501D000, 11A-503A131, 11A-503A353, 11A-503B000, 11A-503E205, 11A-503F000, 11A-503F129, 11A-503G205, 11A-504A000, 11A-504A009, 11A-504A022, 11A-504A031, 11A-504A098, 11A-504A120, 11A-504A131, 11A-504B090, 11A-504C000, 11A-504C062, 11A-504D000, 11A-504D022, 11A-504D098, 11A-504D120, 11A-504D131, 11A-504F352, 11A-504G200, 11A-504J000, 11A-504J231, 11A-504K290, 11A-504N141, 11A-505A022, 11A-505A147, 11A-505A205, 11A-505A206, 11A-505A705, 11A-505A722, 11A-505C026, 11A-505G026, 11A-505G033, 11A-505G196, 11A-506D062, 11A-506F009, 11A-506F088, 11A-506F372, 11A-506F382, 11A-506F788, 11A-506K700, 11A-506L062, 11A-506L163, 11A-506P131, 11A-507D009, 11A-507D019, 11A-507D709, 11A-507L131, 11A-508C000, 11A-508C009, 11A-508C022, 11A-508C054, 11A-508C132, 11A-508C205, 11A-508C206, 11A-508C352, 11A-508C382, 11A-508H731, 11A-508L022, 11A-508L372, 11A-508L722, 11A-508M301, 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12BE263E352