Genuine Oregon Spark Plug Boot-Honda rpls Honda 30700-ZJ1-003 33-216


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  • Fits GX120, GX160, GX620 and GX670 models
  • High quality OEM replacement part


Volume13.485 in3
Product UOMEach
Weight (with Packaging)0.105 Lb
Packaged Length4.65"
Packaged Width2.9"
Packaged Height1"

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30700-ZJ1-003, 30700-ZJ1-841

Compatible Models


385 MODELS, EB11000 A, EB11000K1 A, EB11000K1 A/A, EB11000K1 AN, GX120K1 KRS5, GX120K1 KRS6, GX120U1 KRR4, GX120U1 KRS5, GX120U1 KRS6, GX120UT1 KRS5, GX120UT1 KRS6, GX120UT1 KRSB, GX610 PZE, GX610 QAF, GX610 QAF2, GX610 QAFP, GX610 QAFU, GX610 QDE, GX610 QDF, GX610 QDF2, GX610 QDW, GX610 QYF, GX610 QZA, GX610 QZB, GX610 QZD, GX610 QZD1, GX610 QZE, GX610 QZF, GX610 TXF2, GX610 VD, GX610 VXA3, GX610 VXD, GX610 VXE, GX610 VZA, GX610K1 PZE, GX610K1 PZE/A, GX610K1 QAD2, GX610K1 QAD2/A, GX610K1 QAF, GX610K1 QAF/A, GX610K1 QAF2, GX610K1 QAF2/A, GX610K1 QDE, GX610K1 QDE/A, GX610K1 QDF, GX610K1 QDF/A, GX610K1 QDF2, GX610K1 QDF2/A, GX610K1 QDW, GX610K1 QDW/A, GX610K1 QDX2, GX610K1 QDX2/A, GX610K1 QYF, GX610K1 QYF/A, GX610K1 QZA, GX610K1 QZA/A, GX610K1 QZB2, GX610K1 QZB2/A, GX610K1 QZE, GX610K1 QZE/A, GX610K1 QZF, GX610K1 QZF/A, GX610K1 TXF2, GX610K1 TXF2/A, GX610K1 VD, GX610K1 VD/A, GX610K1 VDF2, GX610K1 VDF2/A, GX610K1 VXD, GX610K1 VXD/A, GX610K1 VXE, GX610K1 VXE/A, GX610K1 VZA, GX610K1 VZA/A, GX610K1 VZA1, GX610K1 VZA1/A, GX610K1 VZA2, GX610K1 VZA2/A, GX610R1 QAD2, GX610R1 QAF2, GX610R1 QDF2, GX610R1 QDW, GX610R1 QDX2, GX610R1 QWF2, GX610R1 QZB2, GX610R1 QZE, GX610R1 TXF2, GX610R1 VD, GX610R1 VDF2, GX610R1 VXD, GX610R1 VXE4, GX610R1 VZA2, GX610R1 VZA4, GX610U1 PZE, GX610U1 QAD2, GX610U1 QAF, GX610U1 QAF2, GX610U1 QDE, GX610U1 QDF, GX610U1 QDF2, GX610U1 QDF6, GX610U1 QDW, GX610U1 QDX2, GX610U1 QWF2, GX610U1 QXF5, GX610U1 QYF, GX610U1 QZA, GX610U1 QZA2, GX610U1 QZA5, GX610U1 QZA6, GX610U1 QZB, GX610U1 QZB2, GX610U1 QZE, GX610U1 QZE2, GX610U1 QZE3, GX610U1 QZE4, GX610U1 QZE6, GX610U1 QZF, GX610U1 QZF1, GX610U1 QZF8, GX610U1 QZX2, GX610U1 QZX5, GX610U1 TXF2, GX620 QAB, GX620 QAF, GX620 QAF1, GX620 QAF2, GX620 QAFP, GX620 QAFU, GX620 QAP2, GX620 QDF, GX620 QDW, GX620 QXA, GX620 QXA3, GX620 QXAP, GX620 QXAU, GX620 QXB1, GX620 QYA, GX620 QYF, GX620 TXF2, GX620 VAF, GX620 VAFP, GX620 VAFU, GX620 VXA1, GX620 VXA3, GX620 VXAP, GX620 VXAU, GX620 VXE2, GX620 VZE1, GX620 VZE5, GXV610 QAE, GXV610 QAF, GXV610 QAFP, GXV610 QAFU, GXV610 QWA, GXV610 QWA4, GXV610 QWC, GXV610 QWD, GXV610 QWD1, GXV610 QYF, GXV610 QYF4, GXV620 QAE, GXV620 QAF, GXV620 QAF4, GXV620 QAFP, GXV620 QAFU, GXV620 QWA, GXV620 QWC, GXV620 QWD, GXV620 QWE, GXV620 QYF, GXV620 QYF4, HA4118 H38A, HA4120 H48A L, HRC7018 ZXA, HRC7020 ZMA