Jungle Jim's Mower Jack, 2"" tooth. 800lb capacity, 19"" lift

Jungle Jims

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Product Description:

The Jungle Jack is constructed with the same qualities that other Jungle Jim products offer. It is made of steel channel for durability and long life. The Jungle Jack is on file with the U.S. patent Office. You can bet there is no other jack that gives you all the features that the new Jungle Jack has to offer. The new and improved Jungle Jack from Jungle Jim’s now gives you the ability to lift virtually any size commercial mower with ease. Both the front or rear of any mower can be picked up by the Jungle Jack to help you perform all your maintenance duties. The Jungle Jack not only has bigger tires, but also a large foot assist for heavier mowers. (Patent #5,678,804) The new and improved single lifting hook on the Jungle Jack makes it easier to lift your equipment approximately 19” off the ground from any angle. It will lift virtually all belt drive and hydro walk-behinds in any size or model. It will also lift any ZTR or stand-on-mower. The Jungle Jack has a lifting capacity of 800 pounds at the lifting point. The large foot assist pedal on the Jungle Jack helps the operator lift the mower with the use of their legs, taking the pressure off the operator’s back and arms. Jungle Jim’s also offers a wider tooth, which enables the user to lift mowers with wider decks. The Safety Arm on the Jungle Jack secures the jack from moving while you are working underneath your equipment. All it takes to ensure your safety is a pull of the cotter pin. Once the safety arm is locked in place, you can be sure your equipment will stay in a safe position when raised.