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    Replaces: 537067R2, 66581C3, 22-608

Common use of this item please veify part number with Parts list for your model. 

Case-IH COMBINE: 1420,Case-IH COMBINE: 1440,Case-IH COMBINE: 1460,Case-IH COMBINE: 1470,Case-IH COMBINE: 1480,Case-IH COMBINE: 1620 (SN: JJC0032630 >),Case-IH COMBINE: 1640,Case-IH COMBINE: 1644,Case-IH COMBINE: 1660,Case-IH COMBINE: 1666,Case-IH COMBINE: 1670 (HILLSIDE SN: JJC0080540 >),Case-IH COMBINE: 1680,Case-IH COMBINE: 1688,Case-IH COMBINE: 715 (SN: 23001 >),Case-IH COMBINE: 815 (S/N 8001>),Case-IH COMBINE: 914 (SN: 8001 >),Case-IH COMBINE: 915 (S/N 8001>),Case-IH COTTON PICKER: 1400,Case-IH COTTON PICKER: 1800,Case-IH COTTON PICKER: 1822 (SN: JJC0012691 >; W/ NAVISTAR ENGINE),Case-IH COTTON PICKER: 1844 (SN: JJC0002462 >; W/ NAVISTAR ENGINE),Case-IH COTTON PICKER: 2022,Case-IH COTTON PICKER: 2044,Case-IH COTTON PICKER: 2055,Case-IH COTTON PICKER: 616,Case-IH COTTON PICKER: 622,Case-IH COTTON PICKER: 782,Case-IH COTTON PICKER: 95,Case-IH TRACTOR: COUGAR (SERIES II),Case-IH TRACTOR: HYDRO 100,Case-IH TRACTOR: HYDRO 186,Case-IH TRACTOR: HYDRO 84 (W/ SIMS CAB),Case-IH TRACTOR: MX180,Case-IH TRACTOR: MX200,Case-IH TRACTOR: MX220,Case-IH TRACTOR: MX270,Case-IH TRACTOR: PANTHER (SERIES II),Case-IH TRACTOR: TIGER (SERIES II),Case-IH TRACTOR: 1066 (CAB W/AC),Case-IH TRACTOR: 1086,Case-IH TRACTOR: 1466 (CAB W/AC),Case-IH TRACTOR: 1468 (CAB W/AC),Case-IH TRACTOR: 1486,Case-IH TRACTOR: 1586,Case-IH TRACTOR: 1896 (SN: < 17895000),Case-IH TRACTOR: 2096 (SN: < 17897500),Case-IH TRACTOR: 2294,Case-IH TRACTOR: 2394,Case-IH TRACTOR: 2594,Case-IH TRACTOR: 3088,Case-IH TRACTOR: 3288,Case-IH TRACTOR: 3294,Case-IH TRACTOR: 3388,Case-IH TRACTOR: 3394,Case-IH TRACTOR: 3488,Case-IH TRACTOR: 3588,Case-IH TRACTOR: 3594,Case-IH TRACTOR: 3688,Case-IH TRACTOR: 3788,Case-IH TRACTOR: 4386,Case-IH TRACTOR: 4494,Case-IH TRACTOR: 4568,Case-IH TRACTOR: 4586,Case-IH TRACTOR: 4694,Case-IH TRACTOR: 4786,Case-IH TRACTOR: 484 (W/ SIMS CAB),Case-IH TRACTOR: 485 (PIN: < 18001, W/ SIMS CAB),Case-IH TRACTOR: 5088,Case-IH TRACTOR: 5288,Case-IH TRACTOR: 5488,Case-IH TRACTOR: 584 (W/ SIMS CAB),Case-IH TRACTOR: 585,Case-IH TRACTOR: 6388,Case-IH TRACTOR: 6588,Case-IH TRACTOR: 6788,Case-IH TRACTOR: 684 (W/ SIMS CAB),Case-IH TRACTOR: 685,Case-IH TRACTOR: 7110,Case-IH TRACTOR: 7120,Case-IH TRACTOR: 7130,Case-IH TRACTOR: 7140,Case-IH TRACTOR: 7150,Case-IH TRACTOR: 7210,Case-IH TRACTOR: 7220,Case-IH TRACTOR: 7230,Case-IH TRACTOR: 7240,Case-IH TRACTOR: 7250,Case-IH TRACTOR: 766,Case-IH TRACTOR: 784 (W/ SIMS CAB),Case-IH TRACTOR: 786,Case-IH TRACTOR: 884 (W/ SIMS CAB),Case-IH TRACTOR: 885 (SN: < 18001; W/ SIMS CAB),Case-IH TRACTOR: 886,Case-IH TRACTOR: 8910,Case-IH TRACTOR: 8920,Case-IH TRACTOR: 8940,Case-IH TRACTOR: 8950,Case-IH TRACTOR: 966,David Brown TRACTOR: 996,Steiger TRACTOR: COUGAR II,Steiger TRACTOR: PANTHER II,Steiger TRACTOR: TIGER II