SEAT ASSY, MATRIX CLOTH universal use Part# MSG95741GRC


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Complete seat with air suspension and built in air compressor. Includes fore-aft isolator and infinite assisted height adjustment

3.9" (100 mm) 12V/7 amp air suspension w/ built in air compressor with 2 wire lead; 7" (210 mm) built in fore-aft islolator.

3.2" (80 mm) of infinite assisted height adjustment.

This seat has the wider (741) seat bottom cushion for extra comfort.

Includes adjustable black vinyl armrests, upper backrest extension & operator's presence switch

Can accommodate up to 385 lbs.

Air Suspension (12V Compressor)

Suspension Stroke 4" (100 mm)

Fore / Aft Adjustment

Mechanical Fore / Aft Bottom Cushion Depth Adjustment (2.36"/60mm) / Mechaincal Bottom Cushion Tilt Adjustment (15 Degrees in 2.5" increments) Included

Weight Adjustment

Lumbar support

All dimensions & specifications must be checked before ordering. This is a universal seat meant for a flat mounting surface. Some applications may require drilling & bracket fabrication to mount seat.

Common use of this item please veify part number with Parts list for your model. 

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