Grinding Wheel for MAG8000 & MAG9000 Hardest Available Part# 9000-34


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The 9000-34 is the hardest wheel we offer as a one inch wide wheel. If you are looking for the longest possible life this wheel will provide that. The disadvantage of a harder grinding wheel is that your grinding time will take longer because this wheel does not break down as quickly to relieve the heat - you cannot push as aggressively into this wheel without beginning to burn the blade. This results in a longer sharpening time to manage the heat of the harder longer lasting wheel. While the 9000-34 is the hardest wheel we offer, it is still much softer than a bench grinder wheel or other competing lawn mower blade sharpeners which burn mower blades almost instantly.


  • HARD hardness
  • 46 Grit
  • Longest life wheel
  • 7" diameter x 1" wide x 1-1/4" diameter arbor hole
  • Compatible with MAG-8000, MAG-8100, MAG-8200 & MAG-9000 Series Sharpeners