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The MAG-9000 is a solid low cost solution in rotary lawn mower blade sharpening. It provides you with 60 second per blade performance in a small package. Since its release in 1987 the MAG-9000 has been an industry leading product. The MAG-9000 was released in 1987, it is designed to allow you to easily and quickly sharpen a rotary lawn mower blade.

The MAG-9000 is the first sharpener of its kind to be able to both sharpen conventional (flat or straight) lawn mower blades in 60 seconds or less. It is also able to easily sharpen both left and right handed blades with a single direction motor. The MAG-9000 is best suited for Lawn Care Professionals who only use straight (conventional) lawn mower blades.


  • Ability to sharpen a blade in 60 seconds to 2 min or less
  • Ability to sharpen straight (conventional) lawn mower blades
  • Ability to sharpen left or right handed edges
  • Ability to maintain consistent angle on sharpened blades
  • Ability to adjust for grinding wheel wear or choose different angles/bevels on the lawn mower blade
  • 30 degree edge angle reference point - lower the grinding wheel down to the work table - and regardless of wheel diameter, a 30 degree angle will be produced.
  • Ability to use shop vac (6 HP and larger) with a 2-1/2 inch diameter hose to collect dust and grit.
  • Lexan window enclosed design - provides you with view of the work space.
  • Ability to be used in portable situations with generators on site.
  • Ability to be bolted to a work bench or just set on a work bench. Bolting down is optional, because of the heaviness of the MAG-9000.
  • Ability to be used with the MAG-10400 Service Center Stand.

Motor Specs

  • 3/4 HP - Industrial Baldor Electric Motor
  • 3450 RPM
  • Standard duty
  • Totally enclosed fan cooled indstrial frame
  • 110 volt 60 hertz / single phase
  • (220 volt 50 hertz available for export  additional cost)
  • if 220 volt motor is needed you must contact us prior to purchase we will set up private auction for you.   
  • Amperage (start = 15 amps) (run = 7.7 amps)
  • Single capacitor
  • Foot motor mount
  • Single direction motor

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